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Mega Strength Adhesive – 310ml

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Brand: STS

Mega Strength Adhesive – 310ml


It gives an exceptionally high bond strength and foams slightly on application to fill small gaps. The water-free formulation ensures that it doesn’t foam excessively.  As it is 100% waterproof, it is an excellent jointing solution in all areas including bathrooms and wetrooms.  

It can be applied to damp surfaces and has excellent weathering characteristics. The adhesive adheres to a wide range of surfaces – most metals and a wide variety of wood, including engineered timber. It can be applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, due to its non-drip properties. When applied, the adhesive is clear allowing the applicator to see guidelines, then it cures to white. The adhesive has a surface temperature range of -30 to 150⁰C. It doesn’t soften at higher temperatures as an SB contact-type adhesive would. It is solvent-free and resistant to chemicals.

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